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Download 'Christmastime' 

This is an MP3 download for the Christmas song 'Christmastime'....... written by Robin Clark   ..this is a slow ballad style song with orchestral backing.........This will be a file of almost 4MB sent to you as an e-mail . Check if your e-mail service allows this .?? If not you can purchase the CD version or e-mail contact mail@robinjclark.com for an alternative FTP procedure .....


CD "Christmastime"

This is a CD of the same song as above , in narrow jewel case . Details are printed on the CD  . This includes postage in U.K....If you are in Europe use the next option..which includes postage to the EU.

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CD Album "Unplugged Collection"

                                                                                                                                     This is a collection of songs with simple guitar backing , ranging from folk to blues . Most of the ten tracks have corresponding demo versions , for free download ,from the downloads page  following...                                                                                                                                 

price includes post in UK , use the next/tab option for EU

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